Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Go on be honest, can anyone actually believe we're already half way through OCTOBER! Part of me hopes that Ashton Kutcher will leap from behind the bushes one morning screaming "you've been punked! I can't believe you thought it was October..." 

Here's what will be keeping me out of trouble for the next month: 
- planning, planning, planning...for;
- photographing babies, anniversaries, families & hens nights...then;
- hours in front of the computer editing the above
- 5 month immunizations. Ick, but a necessary evil sorry wee man
- losing those last two kilos of baby weight...also ick...also a necessary evil (mostly because I can't afford to by new jeans ;) )

Don't forget that if you book a photo shoot for November you get 50% off! Mum if you're reading this, you know what you're getting for Christmas... 

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