Sunday, May 31, 2015

The coolest thing about magic is that the closer you look the less you see. 

Watching your kids grow up is a little like having front row tickets to the magic show of your life. You're so close to the action, you forget how far you have come.

Then one day **POOF** out of seemingly no where it hits you. 

You've magicked up this fully functioning mini-human that can do incredible things. Proper people things. 

Today our biggest school boy built this entire Lego creation all by himself. Like a boss. 



Wednesday, May 6, 2015

I love a decent adventure. 

At University I was always up for a Wellington to Auckland roadie (for you non-New Zealander's that's a cool 10 hour one way trip…)

When I was living in Melbourne we jumped in the car and hauled it up the Hume to Sydney (for you non-Australian's that's a 12 hour one way trip). 

At the beginning of this year a girlfriend and I did an overnighter to Mangonui…8 hours of solid driving. 

What can I say…I love the journey. Which is where I'm at right now. Enjoying the journey.

Somewhere between studying, working, writing and giving our family milestones the attention and energy they deserve is right where you'll find me. This doesn't leave much room for photos or blogging and for that I've got no doubt you'll forgive me. 

There will come a time when my journey will return me here, and when that time comes I can't wait to share everything that has been underway. 

Here's a snap from Easter - I've had the Tongariro Crossing on my bucket list for some time now and I finally managed to knock the bastard off. Quick plug for the Ruapehu Farm Chalet in Ohakune where we stayed - great value and surprisingly spacious for a large group (we had 10, with 2 x under 5's). 

Much love 



One too for you, young lady. 

Because one day you will look at this blog and wonder why I only ever wrote stories about your brother. 

You picked this dress especially. It was freezing. You wouldn't take it off. You wanted to wear Dad's gumboots. Mum said no. You screamed. I took you outside for a photo. You screamed louder. Thank heavens for the helicopter, this is the only shot I got. 

Love Mum 



Here's the future. 

Here's five years in the making. 

You're going to mountains one day kiddo. 

17 Days to go! 


Wednesday, February 4, 2015

We are all a little weird, 
And life's a little weird,
And when we find someone who's weirdness is compatible with ours,
We join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it Love

Dr. Seuss 

My little sister is getting married. 

It's just a smidgen of a little of a whole heap of awesome. 

Wedding's are neat (as are their fur babies)



Sunday, January 25, 2015

I was editing pictures today, working my way through the archives while you rested on the couch after your big ride, your ice cream and the heat. 

You're speaking Spannish with Diego. You will start school this year. 

My mind cannot conceive how quickly you've grown.

You are my biggest little boy. You are so brave, so patient and so quirky. I don't give you enough credit for this. 

You saw this flying fox and you wanted to go on. You didn't want to line up. Sometimes you need to warm into these things. Sometimes I forget this about you. 

I got cross. You got upset. 

We argued. Nana stepped in. Mummy put herself in time out. 

You waited in line. When it was your turn you jumped on the pummel and flew through the air howling like Tarzan.

You had about 100 turns. 

Mummy took herself out timeout and joined you. 

I was so proud of you. 

You've always surprised me. 

I love you 



Sunday, January 11, 2015

The theme for this post goes a little like this…

That time when you go to show a good friend some places to visit around Milton Keynes then you realize you spent hours prepping photos and forgot to click 'post'.

This isn't exhaustive by any means, for instance I highly recommend visiting Bletchley Park despite the lack of pictures, and the majority of these are kid centric - but it's for my lovely friend Steph to spark the imagination about exciting adventures to come.

Much love



Let's be fair you can't really go wrong in this picturesque town.


Worth a drive by for sheer wow factor. 


A great day out for families and right next to the glorious little village of Olney (which, for those of you who care, is where the song Amazing Grace was composed…)


Okay so this place saved my ass more times than I care to count. Another great outdoors destination for families - take a stroll around the lakes, spot some wild life or dine at the great cafe.

Thank you Forest Centre…my soul thanks you.


If I was to do it all over again I would have discovered Shuttleworth several months before I did. 

This treasure trove of a park is home to one of the worlds largest, and oldest, collection of historic aircraft. Great for young and old. 

I highly recommend attending the Shuttleworth Proms - an evening watching vintage airplanes being flown by kamikaze pilots while a symphonic orchestra somewhat ominously plays 'Ride of the Valkyries'…yes please. 


I've raved on about this place on a number of occasions so for now I'll simply say go. Just go. 

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