Wednesday, November 26, 2014

For my Mum,

Who knows why.

The kids say they got your back with facial expressions…


Saturday, November 15, 2014

Two posts in two days…whaaaa?

For those of you who like to check in on the crazies (aka Will & Jules) - I've added a few sporadic snaps from the past few months. Check them out over here: Will & Jules

In the meantime here's a snap of my very own Hell's Angel.

Love this kid…


The realization I needed to crawl out from beneath my rock and rejoin the world came when a friend (a good friend) called me last week to check I was still alive.

"You fell off the edge of the world!" she cried, partially in awe.

It's true - for the past few months I've been on an unplanned techno-hiatus. The extinction of my cell phone only compounded matters - truth be told messenger pigeons would have been a more effective way of reaching me for a while there.

So I thought I'd celebrate rejoining the world by sharing a few snaps from my 30th birthday.

Scott & I managed to steal away for 10 incredible days in Vietnam - words seem to be escaping me in describing this incredible country - hopefully a few of these pictures will fill in the gaps:

PS - This post is dedicated to all my sensational friends and family who were seriously considering investing in messenger pigeons…



If you're visiting Vietnam (Hanoi / Hoi An / Han Long Bay) - here's our recommendations: 

We stayed
Hanoi Morgans - Located in Hanoi's Old Quarter this little hotel offers excellent value for money 
Vaia Boutique Hotel (Hoi An) - Great location, great service, great room & free cocktails 4pm - 6pm
Paradise Luxury Cruises (Han Long Bay) - For two country kids, this was the height of luxury. 9 Course Meals, Balcony Views, Private Day Cruises - worth every penny you spend

We toured: 
Hanoi Kids Walking Tour - We couldn't speak highly enough of this experience which sees Vietnamese students looking to improve their English, taking tourists on guided tours of Hanoi. Book in advance as they fill up fast
Green Bamboo Cooking School (Hoi An) - Run out of her home, Van takes small groups for a Vietnamese culinary experience. One of the highlights of our trip!

We bought: 
Yaly Couture (Hoi An) - The fashion world is your oyster…you're welcome


Monday, June 23, 2014

Better late than never right?

I've just added an additional few chapters of PREP up onto the blog for any of you that may need to seek professional help be interested.

Sorry for all the usual parts that accompany a first draft.

Much love though



Saturday, May 10, 2014

All you need is love, so sung Paul McCartney.

Paul…Paul-Paul-Paul-Paul Paul!

There's this great scene in Legally Blonde right after Reece Witherspoon's character gets dumped where she's watching Jerry Maguire prattle his "you complete me" speech and she throws yodels at the screen screaming "Liar!"

I stood up and clapped.

You see, as I've aged that giddy, all consuming fairy tale notion of love seems…well just that…a fairy tale confined to the pages of children's stories and hollywood scripts.

Given this, I suppose it's only fitting to begin this story with the words

Once upon a time.

Judy & Jonathan married on a day that started with rain, progressed quickly to temperatures rarely experienced outside the equator and concluded with one of the most glorious sunsets the small town of Warkworth has ever seen.

To be part of an Ingham event is to be part of family at its purest. Every aspect of their wedding was crafted from love.

Judy's father constructed the incredible archway they were married beneath, Judy's sister provided both the entree's and the cake. Judy's mother made a wedding dress fit for a princess then there was the plethora of brothers, aunties, uncles, cousins, grandparents and friends who all stepped in to lend a hand. Even Mother Nature came to the party holding back the storm just long enough for the pair to marry on the bottom lawn.

All wedding's are filled with love, yet the way these two look at each other makes me feel like at that exact moment there's no one else in the world.

A huge thanks to the bridal party for maintaining both a sense of adventure and a sense of humor as I made them cross paddocks for the group shots. Also to Judy & Jonathan for allowing me to steal them away for the final pictures on the hill.

It was an absolute honor to photograph your day, seeing the two of you makes me realize that Paul wasn't so far off the mark after all…

Much love



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