Wednesday, October 6, 2010

About 3 months ago I was aimlessly wandering purposely shopping at the Warehouse when I stumbled upon a stand selling Tulip bulbs. As a sleep deprived mother of a 1 month old planting Tulip bulbs was an achievable goal, that didn't involve changing nappies or cleaning up spew. About a week ago, I noticed a lone bud (I planted 6) making a break for it. The top image is the amazing flower it has produced...the bottom is exactly how far up it has grown. Now i'm no Tulip expert but i'm fairly confident there's meant to be a stalk involved in Tulip growing...oh well...heck...I grew a Tulip, I grew a Tulip!

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  1. oh jac epic fail on the stem front! however you did manage to grow a very unusual looking tulip, high five :)


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