Monday, October 4, 2010

Don't ask me to explain it but there's just something about the Zoo that turns me into a giggling 5 year old whenever I set foot in the gate. It was probably a little ambitious to expect my 4 month old to share in my enthusiasm, yet along we went. Will afforded exotic animals the kind of attention you reserve for a pigeon, while I ran around like a women possessed. Luckily those clever marketing rascals invented a "friends of the zoo" pass so I can take him back repeatedly...to my hearts content...I'm getting fidgety just thinking about it. 

Here's some of my favorite snaps of the day.

PS - Dear Auckland Zoo. We saw the Frog from these pictures in the wild on one of your zoo plants...you might want to check your frog exhibit. If you don't have a frog exhibit yet you may want to consider opening one. There appears to be one Frog seeking a home.

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