Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Lordy, Lordy...It feels like only yesterday I was tapping out for a few days. A lot can happen in that time. My "surprise" get-a-way (which for those of you interested, was Rotorua) feels like ages ago, but more on that later. 

Most importantly, Merry Christmas :) 

For those of you reading this from the Northern Hemisphere I hope you had a spectacular White Christmas, wrapped up snug in the company of good friends and family. Experiencing the joy of a White Christmas is on my bucket list, although many people assure me it's a bit wetter and colder than the Christmas cards depict. For those of you in the sunny Southern Hemisphere I hope you made it to the beach :) We did, although it was an effort to roll ourselves off the couch after all the food we "forced" down. 

More updates soon, but for now here's an over-the-shoulder pic of the Munchie trialling the backpack. Awesome.

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