Wednesday, February 9, 2011

At least I hope so, given it's Mid-February already and I'm having difficulty getting into the swing of things. The last couple of weeks have been, hmmm how would you put it, a pain in the ass average. Now I realise that if everyone was to throw their problems in a heap I would grab mine back quick smart but sometimes you just have one of "those weeks", or in my case a few of "those weeks". For those of you who don't want to read the ensuing rant just scroll down and look at the pretty pictures. I'll meet you at the bottom. For those of you in it for the long haul maybe make a cuppa and hold on tight.

First of all we lost our neighbours. To put this into context, living next to the Tamehana's was like having the best flatmates in the entire world who didn't live with you. They just bought their dream house over the far side of the airbase, so we couldn't really blame them for jumping ship. Rach & door is so empty without you guys there. We miss you!!! This is how awesome they are:

Secondly, Will's now crawling. YAAAYYY I hear you say, that's awesome. Yes...yes it is, however not so awesome when he decides to crawl/pull himself up on the cot at nap times. Add teething and an suspected case of "separation anxiety" and you have one miserable little man at sleep time. Would be fine if it was just day time wakings...but after 6 night time wakings the other evening it's fairly safe to say things were a little tense in the Cullen/Griffin household. Despite this we still love our cheeky monkey...he's growing up far too quickly!

Will's sleeping (or lack thereof) brings me to gripe number three which occurred last Thursday. After battling said unsleeping grotty/miserable infant all day I headed up North for a dress fitting (wedding dress to be precise, more on that shortly). Will is one of an elite few babies who appears to flat out refuse to sleep in a moving vehicle...he fights sleep with the type of gusto not seen since the Crusades. Something had to give, so between his screaming, my crippling need to pee and driving it was no surprise I attracted the attention of a traffic cop. Clocked at 1km over the speed limit I bit my lip, nodded & tried not to wet my pants as the Officer wrote out a ticket for $30. Sigh...speeding is still speeding afterall.

Gripe number four is last Friday. Caitlyn's hospital visit. Will's black-eye (how is it that children manage to find the ONE pointed edge in the room to fall on to?). The good car breaking down in the middle of nowhere. The dead fly I found 1/2 way through my coffee. Yup...just the whole day in general.

All the above aside, (and before I go down in a blaise of self-pity) there are some pretty awesome things to look forward to. Such as the fact we're moving house. That's right folks you heard it here first. Our old place is on the left...and if you look hard enough you can also see it on the right. We're moving right across the this space.

I've also signed up to do two duathlon's. Check it out at For those of you even entertaining the idea of doing one...JUST DO IT! I believe in you :) Call me crazy but I'm really looking forward to this too. It's the motivation I needed to get out and get fit after Christmas. Check out this awesome bike trailer I purchased on trademe to tow Will around in. Here he is ready for the open road with his mate Kody.  

Finally here's a little something just to make you smile. Some awesome individual at the end of my road has planted Sunflowers. They're in full bloom right now and they're rocking my world. I hope they brighten your day!!!

Sorry for the Homer-esq epic. Smaller, prettier posts to follow.


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