Monday, February 21, 2011

You have moments in your life on such a scale that they are simply unimaginable. Unimaginably good, unimaginably bad. Days where you can recall down to the minute where you were when...I've had a few of those in my life. Scott's proposal, William's birth, Princess Dianna's death, September 11th, Pike River Mining Disaster, and today the 6.3 magnitude earthquake in Christchurch. 

I am sending my thoughts, prayers and love to my colleagues at Lyttelton Port who were at the epicenter of the quake. I'm sending my love to my wonderful fiance Scott who is down in Christchurch at the moment and who is now working his butt off as part of the rescue efforts. The rest of my energy is to all of our friends, family and residents of Christchurch. 

Words cannot describe this. 

I have never donated blood before, but I'm off to the blood bank. If you are in a position to do the same please do. Otherwise prayers and thoughts are so greatly appreciated

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