Tuesday, March 22, 2011

They say there's no place like home. They were right. I can't thank my parents enough for their foresight in moving our family to Warkworth when I was 3 years old. Even though there were times as a teenager when I wanted to chew off my arm (we're talking pre-"Matakana Coast"...heck we're talking pre-traffic lights at the Hill Road Intersection), it was still a pretty incredible district to grow up in.

Last Saturday we had the opportunity to head out on the Jane Gifford, New Zealand's last remaining rigged sailing scow. Scratching your head? Check her out here http://www.janegifford.org.nz/, the vessel has a remarkable history and if it had not been for the efforts of a number of dedicated Warkworth residents this piece of Maritime History may have been lost.

So if you fancy a little something different one weekend, head out for a leisurely river cruise. Here's some snaps of our adventure!

Shiver me timbers - it's the swashbuckling Chunky Monkey!


  1. Aww sweetie
    We love living here and I am glad it stills feels like a great place to have grown up.
    Just stunning piccy's.
    Love you

  2. Love you too Mum - a little something nice just before your birthday! x


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