Sunday, July 3, 2011

I'm currently recovering from my FIFTH bout of gastro this year. While I would love to profess that a stomach flu every so often is great for the waistline, five is just plain greedy.

Today's been my best day since Thursday, so this afternoon I was running around sorting out all of those pesky housekeeping duties that the "cleaning fairy" forgot. In the middle of washing dishes I hear the home phone ring and after a little swearing / hand drying I run in to the lounge. I look at Will who's playing with his Little Tykes garage.

"Will...where's the phone?" He gives me a confused look, which I interpret as "I'm 13 months old Mum and yesterday I ate a dead beetle. Are you sure I'm the right person to be asking?" So off I run around the house searching for the receiver. More ringing. More running. Back I go into the lounge and look at him again. 

"Will, where did you put the phone?" He looks at me puzzled again, then pushes the phone button on the Little Tykes toy which lets out a shrill home phone ringing sound. 

Doh! Damn children's toys.


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