Thursday, August 4, 2011

Anyone who know's me (and I'm not even going to add 'well' in there), know's I'm partial to a random "idea" or two, or three, or four.

Call them what you will, I've heard the term hair brained bandied about on more than one occasion, but there up there in my head all the time saying "hey, if you just did it this way you could make that so much easier, faster, more efficient, cheaper, fun <<insert desired outcome here>>.

My problem is that I lack the stickability, or perhaps courage, so see a number of these through.

I've just read an amazing, inspiring, sit-down-and-really-think-about-your-course-of-action post by Lara over at Make Things Happen. Simply put the message is you miss 100% of the shots never take.

Go visit - you wont regret it - trust me :)

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