Friday, November 11, 2011

On my dressing table I've got a deck of cards with inspirational quotes written on each. Most days as I'm getting ready I shuffle the deck and see what pearl of wisdom the Universe is prepared to dispense on me for the day ahead.

After my melt down "senior moment" last night (at which point did I think looking at an American wedding blog was going to make me feel better anyway?!?!) I decided a card shuffle was in order. This is what turned up:

"Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall"

Point taken. Without further ado I pulled up my socks went to the doctor to talk about my skin, my eyes and this weird rash thing I've had on the underside of my arm for longer than I'm prepared to admit. Wow, I just shared a whole lot more about myself than I'm sure you ever cared to know.


When I got home I did some exercise. It felt awful. I cleaned the house. I made an amazing dinner for my Mum & Dad in celebration of my Dad's 60th birthday (more celebrations to follow). We ate outside and drank wine.

Tomorrow is wedding planning day. Bring it!



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  1. I CANNOT wait to see wedding pics, you will be stunning. It doesn't matter if stuff goes wrong on the day, as long as you look beautiful (which you absolutely will) and you end up married to your soul mate! Oh and make sure there are HEAPS of photos taken because the day is over so quickly!

    Good luck with the last minute planning
    xox Demelza


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