Sunday, February 26, 2012

Wholly Toledo Batman...what a week!

The theme of this week was movement. I humbly admit, 25th aside I failed miserably. That said, for the first week in the challenge I managed an entire week of pictures with Will-I-Am. He's such an awesome subject (to the grown up version of William reading this blog Mummy's sorry about the bum was just far too cute not to share).

You may have also noticed there's two pictures on the 26th. The second one is especially for my sister.

On Saturday night the rest of our photography "posse" headed to Auckland for a night shoot with awesome results. Check out the rest of their posts and follow our progress here.

In the meantime, this intrepid traveller is off to bed.

Nighty Night.


  1. love the bare bum pic! will is such a little cutie, loving your photos this week chick. looking forward to catching up with you tonight - drive safe xx

  2. AWESOME pics!! Bum pic, flat out and farm boy.....they are all awesome!!

    1. Thanks Mel, glad to hear you liked them. Have to say it was a blast taking pictures of him - I'm on borrowed time (I'm sure) and making up for his teenage years when I'm certain he'd rather jump in front of a bus than the lens...

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks for stopping by Hirsita, I really appreciate the comment :)

  4. So much to choose from this week!!

    I really like 'Flat Out', 'Farm Boy', 'Go With The Flow', and 'Reborn'.

    Remember the themes are to help us if we are lacking inspiration or need to think outside of our norm. The achievement is that you got your camera out each day and got a shot!!


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