Monday, April 9, 2012

Ladies & Gentlemen of the Jury.

Outright confession...I didn't exactly think the last 5 days through when it came to posting photos this weekend.

On Thursday night I stayed up way past 7pm my bedtime packing the entire house (as one does when they go a.n.y.w.h.e.r.e with a child) to ensure a speedy departure the following morning. Thank goodness I did too. Hell hath no fury like traffic heading to the Coromandel, Easter weekend.

Three glorious days later, I was repacking AGAIN this time to head home Sunday afternoon. That very same Sunday afternoon I waged a war on two fronts, Simultaneously packing for Will's week long holiday at his awesome Aunty & Uncle's and my work trip to Melbourne. After arranging collection of offspring by said in-laws I then set about locking down the house before coordinating my own pick up for the airport, which brings me to Monday.

Monday started at 3:50am with a spritely red-eye flight across the ditch to my old haunt of Melbourne. After discovering that neither of my phones would work on arrival, I was forced to resort to somewhat primitive methods of communication to notify my friend Natalia of my arrival on her doorstep (read, arrived unannounced & rang door bell...primitive...practically barbaric). We then did the only appropriate thing when in Melbourne. Proceeded immediately to the nearest shopping centre and shopped until we could stand no longer.

It's now 7:36pm, I'm about to head off in search of dinner. Notice at no point during the past 5 days do I mention the uploading of photographs. I've got plenty to share and as soon as I have a spare moment will post up some pics.

Ooo goody. I've just read there's a Pancake Parlour within walking distance. Sayonara folks. I may be some time...

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