Sunday, April 1, 2012

Tick, tock, tick, tock.

Another camera-less week down. I'm choosing look upon myself as being 7 whole days closer to the return of my nifty four fifty.

Our theme this week. Time. A pertanent topic for this stage of my life. It inspired some reflection, here's where I landed*:

  • 24 - days left in my countdown to a reunited family...
  • 22 - month old behaviour, periodically causes me to say I need to pee when I really just need timeout behind a locked closed door
  • 10 - cups of coffee/tea consumed over the weekend, weighted slightly in favour of coffee (I fear this may be bordering on addiction...twitch)
  • 8 - photography projects I'm currently editing my way through
  • 4 - total hours sleep I got last night from aforementioned 22 month old
  • 3 - more days until 450D is returned...fingers crossed
  • 2 - exercise sessions completed this week - room for improvement
  • 1 - extremely grateful young woman who would like to thank all her family & friends for their help, love & support. There is no way I could function on 4 hours sleep each night if it wasn't for your sense of humor, wise council & cups of coffee (twitch...twitch)
One more thing I should add before getting into the pictures - it appears our camera cable, so broken hearted at the loss of the 450, has plum stopped working. No jokes. I downloaded the pictures for the 26th & 31st while at Mum & Dad's but alas cannot access today's snaps (including an AMAZING session with Belinda...more on that later).

So I ask you "be kind" again this week (next week the gloves are off...promise....maybe) - I've tried to use pictures from my IPhone to keep up the momentum and fill in the gaps.

Hope you've had an awesome week - wherever you are :)


*Disclaimer - I realize the above is in no way relevant to the photographic theme of time...with any luck it has distracted you from the complete lack of theme in the following images ;)

BFF - 7:20am, 27 Mar 12
(Know's me by name...and coffee preference)

Guns & Hoses - 6:45pm, 28 Mar 12
(Gun Show at Family Aquatic Centre...Anyone else find that weird?)

Self Potrait - 8:45pm, 29 Mar 12
(Ahhh sweet narcissism...because when all else fails take a picture of yourself)

Metro Man (The Sequel) - 10:04am, 30 Mar 12

Early Bird - 3:06am, 1 Apr 12
(...just awake & chilling at 3:06am...why not?)


  1. Laughed out loud at the twitches. My love and hugs xx

  2. Just love the pics on 26 and 31! Fantastic.
    Good luck with all those numbers you've got goin' on.


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