Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I'm going to level with you here folks - there are few things in this world that excite me more than a really well made children's birthday cake. Period. I love the pageantry & love that goes in to the making/unveiling one of these specimens.

I am fully prepared for the majority of you be rolling your eyes at this point but no doubt there will be at least one person, one person who's nodding there head totally on my boat. You get me, don't you.

Birthday cakes. Love 'em.

In honor of Will's 2nd birthday tomorrow (eeeee!) I rolled up my sleeves and got down with my bad self in the kitchen. He asked for a train. When I asked which one he told me "Uncle James" (which is actually my sweet)

Here's the result - boom!

Birthday time

PS - No I haven't lost my 450D, I'm just enraptured with my iPhone...


  1. Love it - you are a woman of many talents. Have a wonderful day tomorrow

    1. Right back at you Lynnette - thank you will give WIlliam a big cuddle from the family :)


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