Sunday, June 24, 2012

Check me out posting only one week of photos and actually ON Sunday.

While i'm unsure what planets aligned this week, I'm not one to look a gift horse in the mouth and definitely feel like I turned a corner. 

It started with the ceremonial waving of the white flat in the battle that always rages between me and Scott whenever he returns from deployment. Much like a Khadashian wedding it's fierce, it's ugly and it usually lasts around a week. We realized the gig was up when, after a particularly nasty round the night before, we both confessed to having planned surprise dinners that had been destroyed by aforementioned WWIII...I feel we need to haul us both off to a dark corner & have a very stern word about how to be an adult. 

Monday reinforced the reason I am Apple's target market, and numero uno customer. Around 10:35am I received my spanking new iPhone 4 and around 12:35pm was up and running with ALL my old pictures, videos, messages & emails...thank you iCloud & the team at Apple from one ecstatically grateful consumer customer.

Every Friday we try to get out and see a part of the city, a sort of "family-evening" if you will. Last Friday we headed to Wynyard Wharf which happened to be doubling as the base for the Rally of New Zealand cars. We've been before but I'm always impressed by what a gem of a place it is for families. Live music, playgrounds, open spaces for the terrorists tots - it's a match made in heaven. We arrived around 4:30pm to catch the last of the sunshine at the playground before heading indoors for dinner (and a cheeky vino) at the Auckland Fish Market. Such a great way to round out a busy week. 

Photographically speaking this week felt like MUCH less of a chore than the previous few. A personal goal I had coming in to this challenge was to learn to pay more attention to my surroundings. I really admire photographers who are able to take that which is mundane and turn it in to art. While I've still got mountains to climb, I do feel that this week at least, I managed a few steps in the right direction.

I hope you've had a great week - wherever you are in the world! 

If you happen to be in Auckland and are scratching your head for things to do, check out the North Wharf (including Wynyard Wharf) and the Auckland Fish Market - both well worth a look see. 


City Digs
2:03pm, 19 June 12

Dad o'clock
4:45pm, 20 June 12

Monkey Tail
4:47pm, 21 June 12


  1. haha "kiddie bag" is awesome!! and what was even funnier is that after i put the bag on the ground he still wouldn't get out and wondered why i wasn't carrying him out to the car :) ....Scott

  2. wow i am so impressed! how the hell you find the time to take shots during the day is beyond me, me thinks I need to meet you for a photog lunch date as you always seem to find interesting places! Love the kiddy bag shot, hope to see you again next sunday hehehe x

    1. Hey babe - short answer I take the iPhone and go for a walk...wish my DSLR was pocket sized, although I do drag it into work with me most days...not that it gets used. Would LOVE to have a photos lunch date with you though :)

  3. Jacq, Will is growing up so fast! I love the photo of the "kiddie bag" its great!!!! xx Nat B

    1. Can't wait to see in tomorrow!!

  4. Well done on the variety, the simple and the humour this week. Oh and getting them up when you did. I don't struggle to take a photo, it's always getting them online....

    1. Hey Jodie - thank you so much for the lovely comment! Some weeks I'm just stoked with what you manage to capture. Other weeks I just want to download someone elses life, slap my name all over them and say look how great I am...if only I was that unethical :P Agree about getting them online, yesh - shouldn't there be an app for this by now?


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