Monday, September 10, 2012

Pussy cat, pussy cat where have you been?

I've gone to London to visit the Queen...

Sligh exaggeration but at least one part is true. The eagle has landed in London....eeeekkk

Lots to fill you in on from the past three weeks but for now you'll have to wait. We're off to explore Royal Leamington Spa today. It's so charming it puts Disney to shame.

Cheerio for now

Jacq, Scott and Will



  1. Leamington Spa is rather pretty! Hopefully you will like it. Lovely photographic lines along Lansdowne Cres if you make it there. Good to hear you made the trip safely. Am sure it was a whirlwind packing up your lives to move there.

    1. Consider your advice taken my dear - it was stunning. This whole place is incredible. I'm falling over myself taking pictures. We met out first squirrel in a park yesterday - WHAT an event that was. I don't know who was more excited. Will, the squirrel or me (I love those fuzzy rats). It's been a right whirlwind - once I'm back up online with the camera I'll post up some lessons learned from the past month. There's been more than a few. Loving your pictures at the moment by the way my dear :)

    2. I love squirrels. Ye old Englishmen hate them, but I have always wanted one as a pet.....strange fool I am! You sound happy and that is lovely.

    3. I wish they had introduced Squirrels rather than Possums...just saying!

  2. Just saw this Facebook page on the Albert Park tunnels and thought of you...!/AlbertParkTunnels

    1. Cat, this absolutely made my day. I'm a geek of the worst variety ( know...the blogging kind). I've been trawling through the site for ages!! Keep me updated if anything changes - I still live in hope that one day these will open and I'll be able to venture through and pretend like I'm a big brave treasure hunter :)


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