Monday, October 15, 2012

Hi folks, you alright?

Can you believe we've been in this fine country a month. A MONTH?! Time - she waits for no man.

In many ways this month has been defined by time. Time for growing, time for learning, time to learn a few new tricks. All of a sudden my little man is not so little anymore. Aside from being nearly half my height we spent this week hunkered down at home potty training.

There was nothing glamorous about my method. Our house has wooden floors and sensational heating so we popped him in a pair of knickers and gave it a crack. Three days later and voila, it all came together in spectacular fashion. So between the hours of 6am - 7pm his is a knicker clad bottom (check out October 7th).

As mentioned - my method (or lack thereof) ensured we were home bound for the majority of the week. Still, we've managed to sneak out for a few cheeky adventures. Brace yourself for some serious park photos folks and trust me...there's more to come.

For now i'll leave you with week 40, hope everyone back home is loving the summer weather. Ours is on the way out...sob!



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