Sunday, November 11, 2012

Just on hiatus folks.

The Cranfield IT department obviously has nothing on the downloading ability of Cranfield Students who I presume must be illegally downloading streaming movies and/or pornography at an alarming rate to result in our appalling internet connection.

This is the longest I've been online in nearly a month...after three days of the kind of detoxing Betty Ford would be proud of (e.g cold turkey) - I'll say that coming back online is a foreign concept, but fear not. I'll be back.

For now - Here's what I'm dreaming of...summer, sweet, sweet heavenly warm summer. These were taken last summer with Scott's parents up at their bach in Mangawhai...bliss!



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  1. Lovely photos Jacqui and it was a wonderful summer. We were so lucky to have time at the beach together. Enjoy the lovely rivers and lochs while you wait for your next beach adventure. Looking forward to seeing your autumn/winter photos.


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