Monday, December 10, 2012

Milestone week in the Griffin household this week as my long suffering wonderful husband celebrated his 30th birthday.

To ensure an unforgettable occasion I did what any other devoted wife would do under similar circumstances. I strategically planned years in advance that we would be in England the year of his birthday. This was a hard one and went all the way to the head of the RNZAF, no mean feat if I do say so myself. Secondly I made a few well placed phone calls to the head of planning at the NZRU to ensure the All Blacks were available to play a match on the 24th. In fairness the harder conversation was exactly which team they should face. Nothing too predictable, like Scotland, or too nail biting, like England. We settled on Wales. After that, all that was left was to get tickets to the venue on the day. Piece of cake.

All this aside - Scott had an absolute blast watching the game. A huge thank you to the ABs for fulfilling their side of the bargain and putting on a great show.

I think the picture from the 24th is probably one of my better one's for the year.

Check them out below.


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