Sunday, July 21, 2013

Here is where I found myself last Wednesday - ensconced beneath an Elm in the grounds of Wrest Park sipping a bottle of pink lemonade while I fed my baby. My bigger baby was dozing in the pram next to me and infront of me was this view.

For that blissful half hour it was paradise on earth.

Where have you been lately that's taken your breath away?


PS - If you're in England and fancy a great day out I highly recommend Wrest Park which is managed by English Heritage. The grounds are incredible and as they're currently working to restore the house it's perfectly set up to withstand little people.


  1. Stop being so amazing! You are one talented lady.

    1. Ahhh Jodie - I'm sure I just saw your nose grow a little from here. If only you could see me now - sitting at the dining room table in sweat pants, hair unwashed, bags under my eyes. Truth be told the only amazing thing is how I'm functioning on but a few hours sleep :P Thanks for such a lovely message - it made this (hot) mess' day xo

    2. What are you doing in sweat pants in that heat wave??? :)
      Remember the golden rule with a young baby - take it hour by hour. Add a wrecking/adorable/tiresome/giggling toddler to the mix and you break that down to 30 minute chunks. Hang in there, you are doing great.


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