Thursday, August 8, 2013

Ever been hit in the face with a cold wet fish?

Neither have I but I imagine the experience would be fairly close to what I went through today after I read this article written by the talented Rachel Macy Stafford.

My Type-A personality is perfectly suited to modern day living. A life that can be merticulously planned to within an inch of itself by a carefully choreagraphed agenda governed by an arsenal of technology. As I write this it occurs to me that country's have gone to war with less equipment and considerably less planning than an average weekend at our home.

It's life at full throttle 'go hard or go home' baby...I'll sleep when I'm dead.


That's the sound of a cold wet fish hitting you smack bang in the chops.

My greatest fear is that life will pass me by. It terrifies me...although spiders are a fairly close second. As a result - my Type-A has spent the past 12 months in a state of gut-churning FOMO* taunted by the glossy lives of those on facebook (for the record this does my husband's head in).

I've been pondering a few things of late. Primarily to do with life the world the universe and everything and where I fit within this grand scheme. You see I like to have a plan (see above description of Type-A personality). Yet lately it feels as though everytime I set my sails the Universe comes along and rips the rug from beneath my well positioned feet.

Such as...

I was quite happily settled in Melbourne with a kick ass job making fairly good progress into my 10 year plan when I met my husband ***!!!!SLAP!!!*** 12 months later I had left my kick ass job and relocated back to a small rural community in west Auckland
A few months after that with a new kick ass job and a (somewhat) revised 10 year plan I found out I was pregnant ***!!!!SLAP SLAP!!!*** 9 months after that I fell headover heels when our son William was born and sobbed uncontrollably at the thought of returning to work...ever
When I finally did return I was offered an incredible opportunity on the work front and was firing on all cylinders when ***!!!!SLAP SLAP SLAP!!!!*** Scott was offered the chance to undertake his Masters on the other side of the world

After reading Rachel's article I had a moment of rare clarity. The Universe was indeed trying to tell me're on the wrong track buster

And I realised that for the past 12 months I haven't been too busy to...

Respond to emails. To post a card. To remember a birthday. This year I actually sat down and WROTE a letter. I even picked out fancy pants stationary to mark the occasion. Posting it off was obsurdly satisfying and even better was the joy when I got a response. I have fallen in love with my little girl, had adventures with my little man and learned many, many things about my big man. I have had the chance to really think about what I wanted from life, not what I thought I wanted or should want. I have reassed all those 10 year plans added much to the list and and thrown a few ideas out the window. I've learned how to bake, how to cook and how to properly drive around a round-a-bout.

This is not designed to be an expose on being 'hollier than thou' - merely to point out that what I needed was a serious lesson in slowing down. In being grateful for what I have NOW...not what I might possibly have at some point in the future.

Some of us need a slap in the face with a cold fish first. 

So here's a snap shot of what I have to be grateful for. Right now. She's 2 months old now...seriously!?

Ever been slapped in the face by a fish? I'd love to hear your story.



* FOMO - Fear of Missing're welcome


  1. Jac this was awesome. I have the same fears too. Will take a leaf out of your book and appreciate what I have NOW! You wrote this beautifully xx

    1. Hi Nicky - thanks so much for the lovely message. Go get 'em tiger - I assure you, you will reap the benefits :)

  2. Jacq, Inspirational…. That’s it – one word, sums it up. xxx I wrote this - then read the article - tears in eyes and lump in throat - Oh the things we miss. xx

    1. Awww bless - thanks Mich! I should have put a tissue warning up for that article - isn't it something?? Ivy is absolutely gorgeous - we can't be there for everything but it's clear you do a pretty incredible job xoxox

  3. Yes honey, life is what happens when you are planning something else entirely. Don't knock who you are, you cram more into everyday, and always have, than almost anyone. A little, 'stop to smell the roses' moment found in every day is a good way to stop the FOMO's. Do you remember how I used to pull you kids out of the car on the way to school to do just that?
    You are an inspirational person, even to your Mum. Relax but never change. xx

    1. Easy to forget the great lessons you've been taught - some of us need a slap in the face with a fish ;) Let's be fair, the above isn't about changing who I am and more about readjusting some of those bad habits. Promise i'll try to relax more - love you xoxo


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