Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Today I was reading a book with Julia.

A book about sounds.

On the page was a Dog, a Sheep and a Cat.

ME: "What noise does a Dog make?"
JULIA: "Woof! Woof!"
ME: "What noise does a Sheep make?"
JULIA: "Baaaa"

In the picture the Cat was purring.
ME: "What does Fox do when you pat her?"
JULIA: "She bites me"

Me. Palm. Face.

On a completely different matter in 2010 I purchased a little red suit in a sale from Farmers. I wanted to take some pictures to remember Will's first Christmas.

In 2013 I pulled it out for Julia's first Christmas. As there is only 10 days between their birth dates I thought it would be cute to have pictures taken at a similar age.

In 2016 I pulled it out once again for Gabriella. It swamped her. I put it away and waited another few months. It's still a little big (she really is our baby) - but the thought was there.

It's funny how these seemingly ordinary items become part of the fabric of a family. It's stretched, stained and probably just needs to be binned yet I've fondly put it to one side ever hopeful that one day it might make an appearance.

I'm well aware that we are now in March and this should have been shared in December. But check out these little faces below and tell me it doesn't bring a bit of festive cheer to the middle of your week.


William - 2010

Julia - 2013 

Gabriella - 2016


Okay, okay I confess. I took advantage of the fact they will wear Santa hats and pose for pictures...What?!

(No children were embarrassed in the production of these photos...babies that fart just happen to be hilarious to 6 year olds)


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