Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Today I...

1) Got up before the sun
2) Got dressed into my work clothes which were laid out in the order I needed to get into them (see point #1)
3) Thanked my brother & Nicola for looking after Will (see point #5)
4) Kissed my hubby goodbye
5) Went to work
6) Gave James my eftpos card (yes in that order, he came into work)

7) Had meetings, meetings & more meetings
8) Went home
9) Spent QT with my boys including bathtime (wahoo!)
10) Got into my pj's
11) Put chunky to bed
12) Comforted chunky when he woke up an hour later screaming (bad dream? big day?)
13) Had a drink
14) Avoided doing the dishes, washing & all other cleaning duties

On that note here's some pictures of a recent trip to the park.


PS - Elisabeth if you're reading this I'll call you tomorrow night. I love you.


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