Monday, April 18, 2011

Sorry for those of you who are getting sick of looking at the Water Dragon. 

The last week month has been a bit hectic. 

Last week in particular - Will and I were both doing settling sessions of sorts. Me at work, Will at Daycare. We also got some unexpected news. Starship Hospital (New Zealand's largest children's hospital) had, had a cancellation meaning they could bring Will's surgery forward. 

Surgery? I hear you ask. 

Thankfully it's nothing too dramatic. Will was born with an undescended teste which we're told is quite common. They were unable to palpitate it down at birth so it was in for a routine Orchidopexy (or in layman's terms a ball fixer-up...or rather downer...). By all accounts, everything went swimmingly thanks in large to the awesome team at the Starship Day Care Unit. Our little man made us both proud and was so brave, despite the fact his surgery ended up being at 1030 and he hadn't eaten since 1800 the night before. Unfortunately when they operated they discovered the teste hadn't developed properly and had to remove it. Scott's a little bit down about that, but I've cheered him up by relaying some famous people that only have one ball (e.g Lance Armstrong). 

Also just read a really funny blog post that said when they only have one it becomes a Powerball...those New Zealander's reading this will get the joke...hehehe

Anyway - we're at home now and doing really well. Our brief visit to hospital did serve to remind me just how lucky we truly are. My heart goes out to those families for whom Starship is a temporary home. Your strength, love & ongoing positivity in the face of adversity absolutely blows my mind. If you've got a moment please check out the website of an amazing wee girl Eva, her Mummy & I went to school together. Eva has a very rare condition and it's great to be able to raise awareness & support for her cause! https://www.caringbridge.org/visit/babyevamitchell/createorsignin

Will post more pictures shortly, have some exciting projects coming up. 

Look after yourself :) 


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