Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Well, well, well...what a difference a day makes. I'll let you read what I was going to post yesterday and pick you up afterwards. See you shortly:

To say today didn't go quite to plan would be somewhat of an understatement.

Put it this way. I spent around 80% of the night inhabiting a liminal zone between sleep & consciousness due to a grizzly teething tot. Come "morning" (placed in quotation marks as it has been my experience, when you haven't slept an entire sleep cycle, that morning is the point you finally give in and get out of bed) things hit rock bottom and started to dig.

By 8:00am we had already entered the realm of the over-tired
By 10:00am all nap attempts had been thawted
Come 4:00pm, when I had to collect the rental car from work the gloves were off. My usually mild mannered and charming infant was rolling around on the carpet shrieking like a drunken Naval cadet. I half expected his head to turn 180 Exorcist style. Had this happened I would have found his behaviour much easier to explain. Not exactly the introduction I had hoped for with my new workmates. Things didn't exactly improve when we went to leave. So I make it down to the basement of my very corporate offices juggling a nappy bag, car seat and screaming toddler. In front of me is a wheeling trolley which I think is gods gift, load everything on and head off to find the rental which is (of course) parked on the steepest bloody ramp I have ever set eyes on. Half way down the ramp I sort of lose control of the trolley causing it to career down the hill, with my son clinging on for dear life ejecting the contents of my nappy bag over the concrete....swell. After a quick collection (no items or children were harmed in the stupidity of my actions) I attempted to load Will into the car. This resulted in a battle so fierce you can probably find it on You Tube under " to not". There was screaming and thrashing & elbows being thrown. I wont lie, things got a little ugly for a while there. The Mummy Monster won. Just saying. You would have thought, case closed...but no. You see I had this bright idea to use the elevator to transport the trolley instead of trying to drag it up the ramp. This did not work out AT ALL how I had planned it in my head. Firstly it wouldn't fit, then I managed to get in and shut the doors but couldn't get to the panel with the keys, then the elevator started moving and I ended up 3 floors up staring into the face of a very perplexed businessman wondering what I was doing in the elevator, with the trolley...I mean seriously. I should have just taken the friggen ramp.
Shesh - Cut a sister some slack.

Okay - for those of you still reading this that was yesterday.

Today, we found out that Will's got that Hand, Foot and Mouth disease (not the Mad Cow variety and nothing to do with teething) hence all of the grizzliness, lack of sleep, loss of appetite etc.

Kids. Don't you just love 'em?

Here's a picture of my stunner, just to cheer you all up. Now where's the wine?

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  1. Awww I totally feel for you!!!! those sleepless nights are the worst, they definitely are days where we shouldn't have to leave the house. I was going to suggest clover bud oil for the teething its amazing but then it wasn't teething so wont be of any help, I hope the hand foot and mouth clears up quickly and life returns to full nights sleep soon!!!! If it makes you feel any better I barely leave the house with my almost 3 year old DIVA and diva is a nice term haha our only journeys are to things I know she will like or have fun at otherwise its Chaos to say the least


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