Friday, July 29, 2011

So following on from my post about parental failures, there's a person I simply HAVE to introduce you to.

My lovely friend Renee. We go way back. Old school (...seriously, we met in High School).

Renee was one of the first people I turned to for advice when I found out I was pregnant. Why? Frankly, she's the type of mother I aspire to be like.

In a nutshell she has two cute-as-a-button daughters, a wonderful partner and in her own words spends her days like this:
"I blow bubbles, search for fairies, kiss tiny toes, play dress ups, hunt for bugs, care for dollys, dance to music, spin til I'm dizzy and give a constant stream of cuddles and butterfly kisses.  I make wishes on stars and sing two little angels to sleep each night."

Isn't she fab?

I follow her blog Memoirs of a Mother and love seeing all the amazingly creative things she gets up to with her girls. Check out her latest "creation", I've put a snippet below.

PS: Nay - we really, REALLY need to actually seriously catch up.


Image courtesy of Renee @ Memoirs of a Mother

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  1. Hahaha - how cute are you??? Far from supermum. Not even semisupermum. Just Mum! You let us known what days work for you and we'll make a plan. We're off to Queenstown/Wanaka Friday week for 2 weeks, but I'm around this week or when we are back :-) xxxxxx


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