Saturday, July 23, 2011

Life as a military spouse certainly has it's ups and downs.

Leaving aside the usual frustrations that accompany your partner being deployed at no short notice to a classifed location for weeks (occasionally months) on end there are some lesser known, day to day obstacles we face too.

For starters, forget everything you ever knew about laundry my dear reader. Laundry (as we know it) is usurped by a complex hybrid of geometry & chemical engineering. I have witnessed shirts ironed flatter than the great salt plains of Oklahoma with corners so crisp they could cut glass. With my somewhat haphazard approach to laundry (I've been known to let a few  tissues escape me enroute to the machine) I was excused from my post and told in no uncertain terms to leave the washing to the anally retented expert.

If you manage to survive the test of the laundry heaven help you if you attempt to make the bed. In my experience the term military precision is interchangable with the term obsessive compulsive depending on the task you are referring to.

When all's said and done I wouldn't change it for the world. You may remember from earlier posts that I'm something of a plane spotter. Well yesterday I got to realise a few items of my bucket list. Here's a summary of my day:
  • Bouncy Castles
  • Face painting (we may have had to pin Will down but it was worth it!)
  • Riding in the flight deck of a C130 Hercules
  • Getting to stand up during take off and landing (thanks those who made it happen)
  • Flying around the Hauraki Gulf with the door of the Hercules open
  • BBQ Lunch
  • Lollies & Stickers (particularly excited about this item)
What a day!

Thanks 40 squadron, you have my blessing to deploy my hubbie to far off classified locations with little notice and/or to call him at every hour of the day and night...I may regret this later.

Here's some of my fav snaps from our day.


  1. Gorgeous pics lovely!!! WOW! Must be so hard waving him off - let me know if you want a catch up to keep busy one day - we'd love to see you guys xxx

  2. wow I don't know how you got Will to sit still long enough to get his face painted!!

    Awesome pics as usual - my fave is the b/w "Will being helped onto the plane by daddy" - super cute!


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