Saturday, July 16, 2011

Had a blast today, Jen bb hope you did too :)

Forgot my camera i'm afraid, and while i'm on that note I have NO idea where my 022 cell phone (work, roof of car, public toilet...the possibilities are endless). Just thought I would piggy-back that chestnut to soften the blow. My ability to contract gastro is second ONLY to my ability to loose, destroy or otherwise harm a telecommunication device. Contact me on email, or my work number until otherwise advised.

Did I mention I agreed to shave cut Will's hair in a moment of weakness last week? He's such a little man now...every time this thought pops into my head I think of my friend Fiona (who passed away from a brain tumor just over 3 years ago) and remember that growing old is a priviledge some people aren't afforded and I am eternally grateful for things like haircuts. Because it means we've lived!

Sorry I digress....heaps of great stories from last night and today - but for now i'll share two pictures from today because I'm feeling generous.


  1. Cute haircut! :) I love your photos! I have hooked you up for hosting Wordless Sunday just now...been off the computer with a lurgy ridden house all week. Excited about your upcoming wedding and looking forward to the pics already!! Dee :) x

  2. Oooo thanks so much Dee, and right back at you. Crushing on your gorg pictures :) Awesome - about to post up some pics of Wordless Sunday, might need some guidance from you about what I need to do :P


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