Sunday, July 17, 2011

This is my first nudge at Wordless Sunday a photography challenge, which is the brain child of the extremely talented Dee over at Books and Bits and Pieces.

I won't lie to you. Over the past few weeks there's been a few occasions where I've seriously entertained the idea of taking to my bed, arranging various treats within arms reach & going all Grizzly Bear on Winter's ass.

Today Mother Nature threw us Aucklander's a bone (what a tease). I'm pleased to annouce we spent around 99.99% of the day outside in appreciation.

It's my Dad's 60th birthday this year. He celebrated by realising a life long dream and purchasing a vintage Mini Cooper S. She's a wee beaut - and here's my contribution to "Wordless Sunday - Motion" which is being hosted on Bec's blog.

But wait a second Jacq, I hear you say. Do my eye's deceive me or are you not the bodacious babe riding shot-gun? (I may have taken artistic licence with your thoughts for that last part).

Alas yes, my fellow readers. I must confess that this particular picture (my favourite from the series) was actually taken by Scott. Well done Sir! Doesn't it make you go zoom, zoom, zoom?


  1. Gorgey Jacq!!! You'll have to give me some tips - mine was a dismal effort - they all looked like pics gone totally wrong - overexposed and blurred for all the wrong reasons!

    Love the pic and totally love that car - go Papa C!!!

  2. Oh thanks honey, I'm definitely NOT a master of this art yet! I've been told you need a tripod to be truly exceptional...add that to my wish list of photography gadgets.

    For motion shots I shoot in TV & use continuous shoot with a shutter speed between 1/20 - 1/30. From memory because the car was doing about 20km/ph so we used a shutter speed of 1/20. I find that 1/20 - 1/30 also seems to reduce the blur of the rest of the picture. I've used all grab points as well, but I've also used the "centre" grab with varying success. It's a bit swing & a miss but most of the pictures of the mini (both mine & Scott's pics) turned out pretty good.

    If anyone else has better more scientific suggestions they would be greatly appreciated!


  3. I LOVE IT!!!!!! It's called panning - I think??? You definitely need a steady hand! Mint - I've been wanting to give this a go! That mini is totally pan worthy!!!!!!!

  4. So cute! I've found the panning thing kind of hit and miss too. I love the text on your photos (and that amazing Lila was here blog, oh how I wish I'd thought of that!). I met Renee last week and she told me about you, your photos are lovely :o)

  5. Love it and love the mini! Great photo's :)

  6. Oh, I love it!!! Cute cute car. Go your Dad!! :)

  7. I just wish that lady had ANY contact details on her site so I could write and tell her she is a genius and a complete inspiration!

  8. I found her... pink sugar photography... her name is Andrea.

    Here's her work blog...

    Here's an interview with her http://davina.squarespace.com/journal/2011/1/20/women-and-business-andrea-of-pink-sugar-photography.html


  9. You can leave comments on the Lila blog too :o)

  10. You rock my world Meg - thanks so much! Aren't her pictures amazing?!


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