Wednesday, August 17, 2011

In my head the time between Sunday and today went a heck of a lot slower. Some how this week's gone and got itself and a great darn hurry and we've ended up in Wednesday...

Any hoo...Sunday. Sunday was great!

I took part in a Love & Soul photography workshop run by the wonderfully talented and vicacious Sam Mothersole (i'm not sure if she's the Love or Soul part of this enterprise but she's 100% awesome).

In short:
"Love and Soul is the brainchild of Tanya Love and Sam Mothersole. Designed by mums, FOR mums, the Love and Soul Workshops aim to provide the best value for money photography that a girl could want. Attendees at Love and Soul Workshops will soon realise that they are not attending “just any old photography course”! This one will leave you inspired, and excited to get home and start making gorgeous photos of your kids!"

Our photoshoot experience was held at Willows Reach lodge in Kumeu, which is a picturesque country lodge run by the extremely accommodating Jenny & Geoff (who fed us bicuits & tea when we were cold and saturated). If you're looking for a weekend away I highly recommend this place it is beautiful with a little farm (including Donkey's), boat house and stunning grounds - check out their website for more details

Sam's approach is very hands on and she had organised two families for us to shoot. The first was the cutest 2 year old you have ever laid eyes on (you'll see her soon) and a 5 year old with some serious spunk. The second family was a group of 3 boys - one 9 year old, one 7 year old and an 18 month old. Wholly molly. Talk about upping the ante - my favourite picture of their shoot is the one where one is on the fence and the other two are walking in opposite directions. Pretty much sums up those kids. They were dynamite!

Suffice to say I had an absolute blast, and highly recommend the course for any parent, aunty, uncle, granparent etc...who is interested in taking better pictures of their darling offspring. Check out the Love and Soul blog here, and check out Sam's work here.

Anyway - enough from me here are some of my favourite pictures from the day.


 And now for the boys....



  1. Oh I love your one of the boy looking at the camera with his mum, and the two others blurred in the background. Sounds like a fun workshop.

  2. That's so awesome that you had so much fun - I went on Sams first ever Love & Soul workshop and loved it! I totally need to do another skill building one to challenge myself again ... a little too much point and snapping happening around here at the moment!!! Fabulous pics, you've certainly got the knack xx


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