Sunday, August 21, 2011

Frank Admission...I took around 100 pictures in preparation of hosting Wordless Sunday. Painted power boxes, blue signs, blue letter boxes, smurfs...(if only that were true) But in all seriousness anything blue, remotely blue and occasionally verging on green I was all over it.

Then came yesterday. Yesterday was a mixed bag. In the morning I watched a strangers beautiful Golden Retriever get hit by a car and die in my friend's driveway. In the middle of the day I took pictures of my lovely friend Katie and her gorgeous family on a farm not usually seen outside of a Disney movie. I spent the evening at my Dad's choir concert enjoying the musical talents of the Kowhai Singers accommpanied by Jessica Hindin & Friends. Suffice to say my experiences made me think about my "Something Blue" contribution.

You may (or may not) be aware that this is a topic very close to my heart, afterall it's only 4 months until I get married...and today I found my perfect "Something Blue" snap.

Enjoy Jacq

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  1. That Is Gorgeous. LOVE it :) Sorry to hear about the doggy... Our pooch went on a little adventure without telling us last week and that was pretty awful - at least she came back!


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