Saturday, August 6, 2011

When I saw Renee's topic for Wordless Sunday this week I was squirm in my seat excited. I have grown up with so many blissful childhood memories that it was practically overwhelming to choose just one to "revist" for this week.

That said, what I have yet to master is the forsight to space my picture taking throughout the week instead of waiting for Sunday. I feel I can speak for all those living in the greater Auckland region when I say that today's weather has seriously let the team down. Unlike it's glorious cousin's Monday & Tuesday who practically had me wearing shorts they were so balmy, Sunday has been downright filthy.

So what to do when the weather is decidedly NOT fine? Check out the below - then head on over to Renee's blog for the rest of the pictures.


  1. Gorgey - I think bath pics have to be some of my favs ever. And what isn't awesome about baths and bubbles!

    I was the same about the pics - I had so many ideas and then BAM - gross weather! Oh well - what's to say we can't re-vamp the theme each week :-)

    I've put the linky up now - sorry I was slow xxx

  2. Fun bubbles!!!! Lovely photo's :)


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