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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Well I know this is Jacqui's blog but hey, since I had to buy the new lens for her Christmas present and it didn't even stay in the box for two days, I thought I'd have a play and see what is soooo cool about this lens.  The results below....


  1. Hello Scott, Jacqui and the beautiful Will...
    Scott suggested I check out your blog after we were talking about photos - and I am absolutely blown away!! What a awesome collection of Will and your beautiful life - how inspiring and heart warming!
    I read your post about being a working Mum, and finding the balance... I have to be honest and say that I feel so so lucky to care for Will while you are at work...His smile, his cuddles and his little chuckle just make my day. I love the way he runs across the room to greet me when I arrive at work. Thank you for sharing him with me, and for trusting me with your little angel when you are at work.
    Ali xxxx

  2. Just love the photos Scott and Jacqui, give our grandson a huge hug from his two dimensional grandparents


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