Friday, January 20, 2012

There's always a few nerves before a photoshoot. Particularly when you're meeting a family for the first time. I'm 110% committed to capturing the best moments from every family, person, child, event [insert applicable subject] but admit that sometimes it can be difficult when working with wee people. They don't always understand that you're out for their best interests.

I certainly didn't need to worry about today's family. They were sensational. I knew we were onto something good when, within moments of arriving on location (Maori Bay, West Auckland) we had already broached topics such as dead gannets & bird poo.

Thanks for sharing your Saturday morning & awesome family with me Michelle. Here's a sneak peak for you while I chew through the rest of the images.

PS - Michelle's little boy Trent is a 7 year old rock star. Seriously. This 7 year old kicked sweet photography pa-too-tee.

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