Sunday, March 11, 2012

As I write this Will is fighting sleep, he needs it, I need it, try communicating this to a toddler. 

Thankfully last night was better than any during the weekend, that said when I got him out of bed this morning I found he had vomited (at some stage) into his cuddlies. Cue hot wash cycle. Unfortunately my hot water cupboard couldn't dry them fast enough so after listening to 10 minutes of begging I've returned them to him slightly damp. It seems to have done the trick and there is peace. As soon as he wakes up we're off to purchase a clothes dryer. Honey if you're reading this that's what the purchase on our credit card will be. 

I'm using this post simply to get things off my chest. Putting things down in writing is my version of stress management. It allows me to close a chapter & move on. 

He's come down with the Virus busy making the rounds at daycare. Nothing too serious just a nasty cough that hasn't improved over a week.

If you're new to our story you may not be aware that Will is from the Homo-Spew-A-Lotis branch of humanity. He spewed...and spewed....and spewed-and-spewed-and-spewed. Constantly. As in more than you ever thought possible. It was just his thing...correction...still IS his thing. Around 15 months he realized he could spew on demand following a few decent coughs and would exercise this right every evening when we put him down to sleep. For a month or so our evenings went like this: 
Mum/Dad: "Good night William, time for sleep" - walk out the door
Will: "Nooooooo!!!" **screach....cough, cough** VOMIT
All through his cot, cuddlies, carpet, walls, pi' get the picture
We got wise, found ways around this and generally nipped the behavior in the bud - but it's still his default setting whenever he's a little under the weather.

Which brings me back to this viral cough. It's a doozie. On Saturday we trotted off to the doctors only to be old it's viral and there's not a lot we can do other than rest/fluids. On arrival home Will then started complaining about having a "sore bottom". To back the bandwagon up again, Will was born with an undescended testicle which ended up being removed when he was 9 months old - read my Powerball post to find out more. It was nothing major but they did tell us that if he ever complained about a sore bottom to take him in to A&E pronto because it could mean the other one had twisted which is bad news when you only have one. It's bad enough when your children are under the weather and worse when you think their reproductive future is in jeopardy, so it was back into the Doctors who confirmed it wasn't anything to do with his remaining ball. Whew. Back home but he continued to complain about his sore bottom. After a hideous night sleep, where he didn't settle at all my final straw came when he suddenly started jumping up and down and crying "Ouchie, Ouchie sore bottom" at 10 - 15 minute intervals. 

Back to the Doctor, the diagnosis...a UTI. Poor wee man (no pun intended). Women around the world cringe in sympathy. Thankfully they're relatively simple to treat with antibiotics. Unfortunately they're extremely rare in little boys. Given the existing situation with his "powerball" the doctor was a little concerned & as a result he now has to have an ultrasound to make sure there's nothing more untoward going on inside. 

Not the kind of news that is easy to receive when you're A) Sleep deprived & B) San partner. Suffice to say Kleenex made a killing out of me in the car ride between Westgate & Whenuapai. 

So we're booked in for an ultrasound next Monday the 19th - fingers, toes, eyes all crossed that it's nothing more than a simple UTI. If there is such a thing. 

Right...and now that's off my chest I can move on and look forward to Scott getting home and our upcoming weekend away!! Sorry for the marathon post.


**Post Edited**
We are now the proud owners of a clothes dryer. Nothing like marching purposefully into Harvey Norman & announcing you'll take "that one pronto....please...thank you"


  1. Sending big hugs to you....loved your photos yesterday

    1. Thanks Lynette, hugs received and appreciated :) Love to your lot too x

  2. Good luck and everything crossed. I know two families with little girls (both 2) who had UTI's very recently and it's been followed up with scans. Luckily nothing more than that was lurking - I'm sure you guys will be ok. Hope you get some sleep and rest soon! :)

    1. Hey Leonie, thanks so much for the kind words! Keep your fingers crossed that we fall into the same bucket as your friends - UTI's are fun for no one, poor poppets. My sister / brother in law have kindly taken him this evening so I can play netball. I'm currently sitting on the couch enjoying 2.5 minutes of quiet before I head out again...bliss :)

  3. If it makes you better I know 3 boys who have had scans after UTI's. I think it's just routine. They were all fine... :-)

    1. Cat that made me feel the world better! Thank you so much - perhaps it is just routine?

  4. I'm sure it will all be fine Jac, I had thousands of those damn things when I was little and I think possibly even had scans but nothing came of it except having to drink tonnes of disgusting tasing ural sachets *shudder*. Maybe it just runs in the family a bit, good luck for the scan and all fingers and toes crossed that munchkin will be just fine. Give me a ring sometime if you would like to have a chat otherwise here's cheers to the new clothes dryer!!

  5. Oh no - what a horrendous week for you!! Sick children is so incredibly stressful, especially if you are having to go it alone. Fingers and toes crossed for your ultrasound :)

  6. You are a super star. Lots of get well soon hugs to your darling little man. Meanwhile I owe you a text and a coffee catch-up that is now about 2months overdue! Sounds like you have your hands full enough as it is just at the moment tough, so will be in touch at a more convenient time for both of us very soon! Good luck x


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