Saturday, March 10, 2012

Hi Bloggers,

Today blew me out of the water. Frankly I'm itching to get back to my glass of wine (see tonights snap) and copy of Weekend at Bernies (it's an overlooked classic of our time). There's been a few happening's in the Griffin household this weekend, more on those tomorrow.

For now here's some shared learnings from this week:
  1. Love thy point & shoot - I forgot my DSLR and napped 5 March on our trusty Olympus. While the quality pales when compared to my Canon the ingredients were all there for success
  2. The early bird gets the worm - Summer was like a promise someone never made good on, & watching our days get shorter & shorter is like rubbing salt into the wound. That said, when one door closes another door opens & I've started to notice the beauty of the morning sun in ways I hadn't previously, perhaps I hadn't been up early enough?
  3. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade - Owing to a sick child I didn't really get out, AT ALL this weekend. Instead of lamenting all the photos I had planned to take I used it as an opportunity to practice different settings with my 50mm lens. No Daisies were harmed in the making of these images.
As our theme was Kiwiana I had originally planned a very nice series of related images. These swiftly went out the window, such is life. Instead I chose pictures I took this week that best represented the beauty of our fine country.



  1. oh chicky i just read your latest post (about Will), you poor thing. I know we discussed it briefly tonight but things sound like they have been super tough, no wonder you didn't make it out much over the weekend. that said your photos for this week are stunning, your morning shots have captured some magical light, especially 7th March. And where the hell do you find those sunflowers?? They are just so cool!! Hope your week gets better, Will stops puking in shopping malls and you get the chance to get behind that lens this weekend on your well deserved break. Take care xxxx

    1. Awww B, thanks for such a lovely message! I meant to stop and shower all sorts of congratulations on you this evening - I'll just have to save them for next time :) The sunflowers are down our street - last year the house at the end of the road planted a garden of them (you probably saw them in a post from last year...maybe two years ago?). This year our neighbors two doors down planted a slightly less ambitious crop, which are nearing the end of life. The one in the picture is THE last one in bloom of the lot of them! The 7th was a lucky break. I had about 5 images to choose from, none of which were particularly inspiring. Frankly it was just as well I left my make up in the car that day otherwise I would have had sweet fanny anne...if you get my drift. Scott's back Wednesday. You can't see me but I'm dancing a little jig - see all these things I meant to tell you at Netball...

  2. Well done on great pics during a trying time!! My fav is definitely the sunflower! It's awesome. Fingers crossed your wee man feels better asap and the scan reveals nothing to worry about. xo

    1. Hey Mel, sorry just saw your message! Just had the scan and providing the reviewing doctor has nothing further to add everything seems to be fine :) The Sunflowers seem to have been a real crowd pleaser, I thought they were coming to an end but more have sprung up so if you're interested I'll give you my addy and you can take some yourself (they're very obliging subjects) :)

  3. AMAZING pics Jacqui - I am totally in love with your Sunflower pic on the 8th - it is so good it almost looks computer generated.. Also loving 10th and 11th. Given the week from hell you have had, it makes these pic even more stunning.

    1. Thanks Carrie - I boosted the colors in photoshop which I think has a lot to do with how they turned out. Like I said to Mel, more have bloomed so perhaps you'll have to come down and take some yourself :)


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