Thursday, March 1, 2012

Children teach you that. . .

Even if you are laden with more bags than a Camel crossing the Saharra do NOT allow yourself to be separated from your house keys when your toddler is in the house. You may be tempted, oh yes you may but heed my warning do not fall into this trap.

Why? Dear reader let me tell you why...because inevitably they WILL shut the door. Inevitably that door WILL be locked. Inevitably your phone WILL be in the house with the toddler who is inevitably too young / short to understand any instructions you give them or reach the keys off the conveniently too high hook you've inevitably hung them on. Inevitably this will also be the single occasion your place is locked-down tighter than the Whitehouse during a bomb scare.

This happened to me yesterday.

After dissolving into a fit of giggles (I mean what else can you do right?) I thanked god there was a broom resting against the wall of our entrance way. Following some careful maneuvering of said broom through a cat door, more fits of giggles, swatting away a child (with one hand through a cat flap...picture that and keep a straight face) who kept screaming "MY BROOM, MY BROOM" I successfully hooked down the keys and was able to let myself back in the house.

Lesson Learned.

Keys moved.




  1. And then you sat down and read him about Alfie and Annie Rose, because Alfie did exactly the same thing.
    At least you did not have to get the window cleaner in.
    Ah motherhood, such fun

  2. classic! Thanks for the funny story!!


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