Sunday, March 4, 2012

Hello friends!

I'm not going to sugar-coat my week for the blogosphere...I'm exhausted in an oh-my-gosh-so-much kind of a way. Quite frankly, The buck starts, stops and parks its nearly two year old ass on the kitchen floor and refuses to move, with you.

I miss my husband.

Night time is the worst. Ordinarily I'm an exceptionally deep sleeper, that said my guilty confession is that I'm still afraid of the dark. When left unattended I immediately assume that every creak is something untoward and nasty trying to claw its way into the house which results in the kind of sleep you'd expect a duck to have in the alligator enclosure.

The happy news is that for me this is temporary with a very bright light at the end of the tunnel. For those of you who do this every day...I've walked a mile in your shoes and boy do I have blisters.

The theme of this week was "UP". Initially it didn't occur to me to include these notes in the challenge. Then I realized how much they were propping me up during some rather "tense" moments and I thought they would be a quite fitting subject for the theme.

Scott left these, 8 in total dotted around the house before he went away. My favorite? The note in the 2nd of March post which simply says "Love You". Why? It's the first thing I see when I wake up and the last thing I see before I go to sleep. Feel free to vomit in a paper bag.

Wherever you are, I hope you've had a great week and honey - I love you.



  1. oh my god scott is a legend, what a lucky wifey. and what a great photo theme for you :)

    1. Cheers lovely - Certainly a lucky wifey indeed :)

  2. your dad is worried....not about you mind as he thinks you are wonderful but worried about all the days he forgot to be mushy during his travels - you two are a delight...stick out the bad days cause it just makes the good days GREAT! love to the three of you.

  3. Your husband (while temporarily absent) is lovely. I don't even know the guy but he took the effort and did this for you. How fantastic. Many, many men wouldn't. Plus the whole blogosphere now knows that he is a "smushy" man. Hahaha.
    Fantastic week for you, even though it was a tough one to live through. You made a theme within a theme. Aren't you a clever lady!!

    1. Hey Jodie, luckily I had these pictures otherwise I would have been light on the ground. You'll laugh when you meet him after seeing these. He's an Engineer and about as unmushy as they come, which is why the notes were so nice :)

  4. I love your pics this week Jacqui and can so relate - if I ever have to stay home alone for the night, I am forever listening for movement in the house - an absolute shocker! I love your hubby's notes - what a lovely, thoughtful thing to do for someone you love.....I will have to make a point of showing mine your blog this week...hehehe... Love them all and especially like the one high up on the bathroom wall - you had to work for that one! x

    1. I must admit that I'm improving, but there's still moments when I wake up in the middle of the night and can only get back to sleep with a night light on...what a girls blouse! Glad you liked the pictures - not too sure what I'm going to follow it up with this week...

  5. OK, to clarify, I am away for 2 months and had to think of something mushy to at least stay neutral on the positive/negative scale :) Any shred of street cred I had (not much to begin with) is now gone.

    Love the manawatu photos honey, just need some photos of you....hand the camera around :)


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