Wednesday, April 25, 2012

About a month ago on a rather unsuspecting Tuesday morning a wonderful friend of mine asked if she could "grab me for a moment" to "talk about something personal." My mind went to places far and wide, yet nothing could prepare me for her confession which was that in two weeks time her and her partner Nick had decided to elope Easter. She asked if I would consider taking pictures of their big day, and although it scared the pants off me I agreed to do my best to capture their day.

According to to elope means to run away with a lover or to run off secretly to be married usually without the consent or knowledge of one's parents. Until a month ago I had never heard of anyone who had, had the guts to elope. It always sounded terribly romantic & exciting. A month later I can confirm it is.

I have been to a fair few wedding's in my time. Hand on heart that this was by far and large the most intimate & romantic wedding I have ever attended. Katie looked absolutely equisit dressed in her mother's wedding gown with a vintage inspired updo. The ceremony was held by candle light at Villa Toscana, a beautiful Meditteranean inspired bed & breakfast perched on a hill overlooking the harbour.

Katie & Nick exchanged simple vows, spoken straight from the heart in front of two close friends, Nick's daughter Bailey, the celebrant and myself. Afterwards we dined on a scrumptuos antipasto plate, basked in the company of good friends & generally enjoyed the day for what it was. The union of two people who couldn't imagine living a life without the other.

Katie & Nick - thank you for including me in your special day. I wish you every happiness for your future together & hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them.



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