Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Okay team, time for a hand on heart conversation. 

I'm truly terrified to be publishing these page. Terr-i-fied!

For as long as I can remember (probably earlier, ask my mother), I've had these crazy stories swimming around in my head. Every so often I'll have a fit of passion and be holed up for weeks writing, then shelve it for a few more weeks, months...years. Inevitably though we'll always find out way back together and this is what brings me to this page. 

It took a solid week of "man-flu" (of the worst variety) a few weeks back for us to reconnect, but I feel I need to start getting these stories out of my head and onto a page in order to do them justice. 

Time for a few caveats: 
  1. I'm posting these stories in good face, raw and entirely unedited. Good, bad, ugly - take it as you will. Right now I'm focusing on the philosophy that all first drafts are rubbish and I really just need to focus on finishing the darn story before reviewing it. So, please accept my apologies for death by punctuation, repeated sentences or glaring plot holes. These will be ironed out in time. Promise. 
  2. Further to the above I'd love a good beta editor. If you're out there, and you happen to be available please (puh-lease) get in touch. It'll be the start of something special. Cross my heart. 
  3. I'm not a professional writer,  constructive feedback is greatly appreciated, be kind
I'm going to work on one story at a time - I'm currently building this site, so bear with me as I progress. I'll continue to upload additions as I can, for now try to enjoy. 

HEY - guess what? 

Have a crazy idea too, go do it, I believe it in you!!! 

If something is 99% impossible it still means it's 100% possible


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