Monday, December 10, 2012

From memory two significant things happened this week.

Firstly we experienced a sub-artic temperature blast dubbed the "beast from the east" straight off the plains of Siberia. All of a sudden walking outside became an extreme sport similar to going three rounds with Tyson every time you set foot out the door.

As a result it became abundantly clear that my humble New Zealand footwear needed to be shelved in favour of more appropriate attire. You'll meet the "Hunters" over the next few weeks but I'd like to pay tribute to October 25th which was the ultimate turning point in this decision. Nothing quite like finding yourself out exploring the wilderness clad in an entirely inappropriate pair of wedge heels. Rookie.

My pic of this week - October 26th. Full credit to the asshole gentleman traveling so close to my bumper I momentarily thought I was towing a trailer. If it wasn't for you I would have never pulled into a side road and found myself parked in front of this little chestnut of local history.

The sign reads:
As you walk along this path, you will pass a point on your left some 200 yards further on where during WW2, in the early hours of 9th September 1941, a British Bomber crashed in flames killing Sgt Ford Rowney aged 23 and Flight Sgt Tony Marker aged 20. The other two members of the crew, Sgt E. Morgan & Sgt J Mitchell survived by bailing-out and landed close to this spot.
As you pass by please remember these two young airman who paid the ultimate sacrifice for their country and our future.

Despite a rich history this is the first sign of its kind I've happened upon in England so far. It was humbling, tragic and comforting all at once.

Enjoy the Autumn bloom.


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