Monday, February 11, 2013

I bet you never thought you'd see the day.

Contrary to what my rampant tardiness posting habits may lead you to believe I did actually stick it out and finish the 365 day photo challenge. I'm just uploading the last three weeks now, then I'll do a corker summary to wrap it all up with a nice pretty bow.

For now here's Week 50 - I'm a little hazy on the finer details but it would appear we made some play dough, survived an epic frost, dallied with Narnia, visited Waddeston Manor and relived our childhoods.
If pushed, I recall feeling mildly apoplectic that the sun began setting at 2:30pm each day while friends & family were revelling in what can only be described as the MOST incredible summer in recent history back home.

Otherwise, another day in Cranfield paradise!

Enjoy - Jacq

PS - Who looks more excited to be meeting the big fella on the 16th?

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