Monday, February 11, 2013

Life lessons learned...

As it turns out, over the Christmas period anyone with Antipodean blood appears compelled to vacate the small island of Britannia. Locals begin their pilgrimage home for the festive season, and those of us who missed the memo remain in Cranfield assuming it's Armageddon.

On a lighter note it gave me a great kick in the pants incentive to get out of the house and see what this district has to offer, which is a perfect segway into the Woburn Safari Park which features on a number of occasions both this week and next.

Situated on the grounds of Woburn Abbey (which you'll remember from previous posts) offering a self-driven safari adventure, walk about zoo and indoor playground, this national treasure became my saviour throughout these often challenging winter months.

Although all of these pictures are of monkey's (who, if you're reading, still owe us a car aerial...) - I can assure you that the park has plenty more to offer. Wolves vs Bears...nead I say more? I think not.

Enough from me - enjoy the second to last week of 2012!


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