Monday, February 11, 2013

Here's a photography love letter - from my heart to yours - across countries, seasons and the equator...

Fourteen months ago I stood in the carpark of the Kumeu netball grounds and bandied about this crazy idea of taking a picture every day of 2012 with my friend Belinda. A month later, bright eyed and bushy tailed, we joined forces online with a desire to master the art of our DSLR's.

Fourteen months on when I look back on 2012 I'm not as struck by my mastery over the DSLR (although I admit both my perspective and technical abilities have come on in leaps in bounds), but more by the fact that we've LIVED.

Truly, honestly lived.

We've seen births, deaths and marriages. Witnessed apricot dipped sunsets and seen a moon so large it's a wonder it didn't fall out of the sky. We've moved countries, changed jobs, taken on business ventures, gone on holidays and wondered if the world would actually end on December 21. Our children have graduated from cots to beds, from nappies to undies, from infants to toddlers...all in 366 days short.

So thank you.

To everyone who followed me on this crazy, senseless photography journey. I hope you liked seeing the results as much as I enjoyed sharing them...even if I WAS constantly behind...from like, month three onwards.

And now that's all said and done....

My final countdown for 2012 goes a little something like this:
  • Christmas - It suddenly makes an awful lot of sense when the temperature is subzero and it gets dark just after lunch. Cinnamon latte...yes please!
  • Days 26th - 29th - A bout of cabin fever lead to an emergency coast mission to Dover. Not most people's idea of a 'holiday venue' but well worth the visit, if not just to smell the salt air. As an aside, the photo on the 28th is the Battle of Britain Memorial a truly humbling monument to those who fought and/or lost their lives on that monumental day.
  • Final Day - My guilty confession is that this picture isn't actually from the was taken two days later but given it was the final day I decided to take some creative license and 'capture the essense' of the last day of 2012
So that's it from me - signing off from 2012






  1. That last photo of you 2 is just beautiful

    1. Thanks so much Lynette - ironically it was a quick snap on our ancient point and shoot, taken by Scott but I love it too :) I love everything you've been doing on your blog - there's a few crafty things i've been doing lately that I'd love your advise/council. I'll send you through an email


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