Friday, November 8, 2013

I'll let you in to a little secret.

Out West we get this light. Glorious golden, honey drenched light. I call it the golden hour, and it's a powerful thing. It can transform an ordinary West Auckland yard into a thing of great beauty. Chicken wire fence and all.

It's always a little better after a storm.

In the week leading up to Julia's birth it rained. 

Rained with a purpose. 

Rained to the point I considered seeking out an Ark.

Sunday, June 2nd began miserably. Sky blanketed with a white wash of grey. Yet as the day progressed and it became clear that THIS was the real deal, the white wash receded and out came the sun. I have this vivid memory of a glorious golden light spilling through the car window on our way to hospital. 

I will be forever grateful to my ultra-conservative husband for allowing me to slip Aurelie (meaning golden) into Julia's name last minute. 

Today didn't hold much promise. The West spent most of the afternoon underwater.

Yet as we pulled into the driveway after family night, out came the sun.

There's something magical about sunlight that follows a storm. Everything twinkles, the air is sweeter, colors more vivid. It's a world reborn - slightly more beautiful than before.

Perhaps you've had a hard week. Perhaps it feels like the universe is conspiring against you. Whatever the case, please remember that in order to see a rainbow there must first be a little rain.



PS - These pictures are mere eye candy - when golden hour hit I went running for my camera and played around with light settings. 

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