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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

It's easy to forget we've only been back in New Zealand 6 weeks considering we've already spent a weekend partying on Matakana Island, jet setted to Wanaka (and back), enjoyed a spot of lunch in 'the Tron' with our Scottish relies, and are currently packing for a zip down country to Fielding to deliver a freezer...

Remember this post? Old habits die hard. Just ask Bruce Willis. After Fielding life should might will become significantly less frantic. 

But enough about the diesel miles I'm clocking up on my I wanted to talk (briefly) about haircuts. 

The transformational power of the humble haircut cannot be under estimated. 

Turning boys into men. 

Don't believe me? 

One haircut and my little man is transformed. Sass and all. 

Just a few pictures to share - Jules is 6 months next week...whhaaaattt? 

Love to all of our friends and family across the globe. 




  1. They are growing up so fast!!!!
    6 months already!!!!! SHE IS BEAUTIFUL :)
    Nat xx

    1. Thanks so much Nat - missing you heaps, look forward to introducing you when you get over!


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