Sunday, January 25, 2015

I was editing pictures today, working my way through the archives while you rested on the couch after your big ride, your ice cream and the heat. 

You're speaking Spannish with Diego. You will start school this year. 

My mind cannot conceive how quickly you've grown.

You are my biggest little boy. You are so brave, so patient and so quirky. I don't give you enough credit for this. 

You saw this flying fox and you wanted to go on. You didn't want to line up. Sometimes you need to warm into these things. Sometimes I forget this about you. 

I got cross. You got upset. 

We argued. Nana stepped in. Mummy put herself in time out. 

You waited in line. When it was your turn you jumped on the pummel and flew through the air howling like Tarzan.

You had about 100 turns. 

Mummy took herself out timeout and joined you. 

I was so proud of you. 

You've always surprised me. 

I love you 


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