Sunday, May 29, 2016

Tonight, for the first time in months, I sat down and pulled pictures from my camera.

You see, my reality is this:

No matter how hard I work, no matter how many books (blogs, inspirational quotes…) I read or how often I practice mindfulness I will never have enough hours in the day to do it all.

In my head (a strange and often misunderstood platform of reality), our lives are balanced on a set of scales. In my head these are gold and of the vintage variety… feel free to get creative.

I can do anything in this life, but I jt do everything.

I can have a great job, earn good money and have amazing friendships but family and relationships take a backseat.

I can have a great family an incredible relationship with my husband but friends and work might not be at the level I would like them to be at.

I am not implying that one could not have everything they desire in perfect balance, merely that I have yet to strike that perfection for longer than a moment, and I'm alright with that.

For now creativity is taking a backseat and I'm okay with this because in three short months life, as we know it will be tipped onto its head.

So while life has not been lived through the pages of social media, it most certainly has been lived.

For those of you convinced I've fallen off the planet, or using this blog as a social gps for the family here's a few snapshots for you.

I should have photoshopped in a tan…

The annual Christmas Snap

All spruced up for Anzac Day 2016

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