Sunday, July 31, 2016

If what they say is true, then in the coming months we should knock off at least four of the top ten stressful life events. 

It's a toss up as to what will occur first...the baby, the house, the move or the job. 

Because why not? 

(said absolutely no one ever...) 

In the fight for space and comfort, my belly and I have declared civil war. My jackets have capitulated and are refusing to zip-up, and I'm fairly confident that the state of my maternity leggings is being treated as a matter of national security. 

To distract myself from ALL of the above I have been nesting. On the bright side our cupboards have never been cleaner. We are now on a first name basis with the staff at our local refuse station, although our frequent trips along the Northern Toll Road (relocating junk stuff my parents) has me convinced we are funding some employees children through University. Our cat has developed an anxiety disorder from constant change (I think I may have developed an anxiety disorder from constant change).

In my purge I came across these photos.

Our year began in the far North on a camping holiday with some good friends. Despite being washed out by a tropical cyclone, it was a dream. These snaps are some of my favourite - the first from our day trip up to Cape Reinga and the second from a sea-biscuiting adventure. 

If you're like me and already contemplating your Christmas vay-cay consider going off the grid - we stayed at Wagener Holiday Park, on the Houhora harbour in Northland. Its listing as the #3 classic camping grounds in New Zealand has not been by chance. 

Offering daily activities for the young (kids club, movie nights, arts and craft etc) and situated at the gateway to some of NZ's best fishing and beaches for the old, you are unlikely to find yourself at a loss. There is even a pet friendly section of the camp so there is no need to leave the fur babies behind. 

So while the rain beats down on our windows like some ominous battle cry, I'm off to dream of sunshine and wine. 

Much love. 


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